About Us

“Not all those who wander are lost.” 

- J. R. R. Tolkien 

The Vagabond Collection is a lifestyle and streetwear brand for those living life differently and on their own terms. Founded in the Spring of 2015 by two “creative types” who’ve accepted the challenge of blazing their own paths, the Vagabond Collection was created for the influential and the trendsetters of the world; those who live boldly and reject all concepts of thinking inside the box.

Created on the streets of “Charm City” Baltimore and crafted in the “City of Angels” Los Angeles, the Vagabond Collection is a mix of flavors from both the East and West Coasts and draws inspiration from everywhere in between.. befitting of the Vagabond lifestyle and vision.

Our brand is inspired by life, art, music, and a deep appreciation for world travel. We are for every artist, musician, writer, athlete, and creator who knows what it means to be on a constant grind. We're for the decidedly undecided, the dreamers, and for those who understand that REAL life happens outside of a 9-5!

At Vagabond, it’s no longer “business as usual.” Merriam-Webster is wrong about us. Choose your own path. Join the movement! #VagabondMovement!


Facebook: Vagabond-Movement  
Instagram: @vagabond_movemnt
Tumblr: Nomad Crew